Arrived after an uneventful flight – thank you God! Had a window seat onboard – I almost stuck my head out through the window trying to see the icebergs and ice floes as we drew closer to Greenland. It was beautiful to see. Flying over the tip of Greenland I looked down to see huge mountains covered by a thick icing of snow with glaciers tucked into craters. We were flying at 39,000 feet, but they seemed closer than I would have imagined! So grateful to have experienced that view! We live in a magnificently designed world created by an immensely talented God!!

I keep pinching myself – mentally (otherwise it would hurt) to make sure I haven’t gone through the back of the wardrobe into an alternate universe. Hey – it’s possible – everywhere you turn here there’s a lion. Maybe not Aslan and maybe they’re all stone and statue like, but still……….

It’s not a bad little (& I do mean little) ‘flat’ that I rented, but it is stifling – no AC/no fan. Windows are wide open so finally getting a good breeze. Beds are awful. I think Fred Flintstone had a softer one. On the other hand – I’m in LONDON!!

We have one neighbour – his name is Arthur. I’d like to say he’s an old man, but after this morning I’m wondering what that would make me!! Arthur likes to listen to music and play his TV REALLY LOUD!! From around 6am to 10/11pm. Again this morning the music blared into our rented apartment – classical – symphonies with great cymbals crashing and marches and then…..unexpectedly (& here’s where I’m a little leery of calling him an old man) good ol’ Joan Baez singing Love Is Just A Four Letter Word plus all the other songs on that album/CD. As early as it was I found myself humming along – dang Joan and her catchy tunes!!

So – arrived in London at 6:30 in the morning on June 30. Today is July 3. We’ve managed to walk – I’m sure – at least 422 1/2 miles. Pretty sure that’s not an exaggeration – just ask my feet, my legs, my back – although they’ll probably just groan at you. We’re about a 10 minute walk to Tower Hill tube station, and we’ve been using the tube (best invention ever), but I believe we put the mileage on just trying to get our bearings/back-tracking and such (who needs a map). We’ve ‘done’ the hop on/off bus without hopping off until we went the full route and then we hopped off and onto the water taxi (incl in the price of the bus tour) to head back to Westminster. Had a couple of really great guides along the trip. Amusing and informative – I think that takes a lot of talent to do both. Really!

I’ve taken a couple hundred pictures so far and will post them once I figure that part of this blogging experience out. I promise only to post a small fraction of that number unless I hear that you want to see the London Eye/Westminster/Big Ben/Buckingham Palace from every angle. With or without the sun glinting off the objects……..just say the word.

We had a stay at home today – Bella wasn’t feeling up to snuff. She’s perfectly fine now, but I think she ended up a little dehydrated. Must have been so in awe of her surroundings she forgot to drink – water.

Tomorrow it’s off to the Tower of London, check out the crown jewels among other things. YEA – I’m excited!

4 thoughts on “London

  1. Loving the blog. I feel like I am there with you. But I guess we would be going back in time as today is July 3rd not June 3rd as your post says. Can’t wait to read more.


  2. Pat, love your writing and glad you are enjoying all the sights ad wonders. Do put up pics with your blog. When writing, safe the draft then reopen. I`ll come up a little different and you`ll see a bunch of things across the header. One on the top left side you`ll see add media. That would be your chance to add pics. You`ll figure it out. Took me a bit and I`m still learning with size, placement and all that stuff. Just remember to save and preview lots!


  3. Glad you’re having fun. Air conditioners are overrated —enjoy. Be sure to ride a boat on the Thames and rest those feet.


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