time flies

Only one more day.  I’m looking forward to home.  I’m feeling sad my adventure in London is ending.  Mixed emotions, but can’t wait to give hugs and be hugged by those I love.

Spending the last day of this vacay in Cambridge.  Bus leaves at 9:30.  Eager to wander around the campuses (31 of ’em!!).  In 2009 Cambridge celebrated 800 years.  800 YEARS!  Imagine!  History! Architecture! Traditions!   I intend to soak it all up (if it rains – no pun intended).

I thought how much Bella & I got to see on this holiday, but now that it’s coming to an end I realize how much we didn’t see.  Guess I have to come back.  Darn.  What a hardship.  :o)

We had our day at the beach on Wednesday/Thursday.  Bournemouth is a lovely town.  I had imagined it to be similar to Cannon Beach (artsy fartsy), but no.  Much bigger than CB with more stores.  The beach itself was nice although incredibly crowded. Made for great people watching!  Bella swam in the ocean and totally enjoyed herself.  The sun was hot (just like it should be at a beach) and we turned a nice shade of red.

The weather has  been quite warm, but with some thunder storms in the evening.  I do love a good thunder storm!

Made our 3rd visit to the Tower of London today.  We’re located so close to it (15 min. walk) and there’s so much to see that we decided to see it in stages.  Today it was The Bloody Tower.  A little grim.  The Rack – as in torture device, not Nordstrom’s Rack – is a nasty mechanism.  Must have been tough living back in ‘rack’ times ……stay on the good side of the king/queen,  don’t make eye contact, blend into the background, bow, scrape, take a lesson from Anne (#2 out of 6 wives).  I guess being queen saved her from the rack. The chopping block was just so much more merciful……as long as the ax was sharp!

Went to Harrods today.  I wasn’t keen on going, but my sisters said no trip to London is complete without visiting the place.  Well…….it’s definitely one of a kind.  Found a pair of shoes I liked, alas they were just a wee bit out of my price range (£785).  Only managed to fight the crowds long enough to see 2 floors.  That was it – had to get out.  I will admit that I was really impressed by the food court.  A caviar and oyster bar to sit, chow down and rest your weary feet.  I did not partake.

Guess it’s bed time if I want to get up and catch the bus in the morning!  Last day.  :o(     :o)

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