We’ve been in Israel eight days. Eight busy days. Eight we are not in Kansas anymore days!  There have been a couple challenges – not huge. There have been some adjustments as the three of us get into the groove of travelling together – normal. And there have been a lot of awesome wow moments.

The accommodations for our overnight in Tel Aviv got switched at the last minute due to a construction problem at our original booking and we were provided with an “upgrade” (I use that word loosely) from a studio apartment to a two bedroom. Our initial woo hoo faded into what the h*** as we checked out the new digs eyeing the black mold hugging the wall in the water heater room, took a whiff of the stagnant water sitting in the bottom of the washing machine (nasty), and discovered that “fully equipped kitchen” meant something different to us than it did to the owners! But, the beds were new and very comfortable!

We did not have time to visit Jaffa old city due to the time it took dealing with the apartment situation and our need to get on the road to Ra’anana to meet up with a friend’s daughter, Amanda. A disappointment, but still so much left to see!

Next stop – Haifa! But – along the way……

By the time we left Ra’anana it was getting late in the day, but our visit with Amanda was so good it was hard to pull away.  We made a brief stop in Caesarea at Aqueduct Beach, site of a section of an ancient Roman aqueduct. And then there was sunset – on the Mediterranean!! We missed seeing the historic port of Caesarea, but perhaps another time.

Thanks to Diane and her sidekick – GPS’s navigation –  we located our next home away from home, The Tamer Guest House. It took us a couple roundabouts and a few u-turns before we saw the sign for the place – small and barely visible in the dark, plus an abrupt right turn off a very busy highway.

Our room at the Tamer was quite quaint. Best of all it was clean (no mold)! Our hostess brought us breakfast (room service) in the morning which was very sweet – all home made.

Up and at ‘em! Repacked the car and off we went to do a little exploring. Managed to make it up Mount Carmel.  Stopped at a gas station in Beit Oren and encountered a slight language barrier.  I asked the attendant a question about the gas, she said they didn’t have gas.  Huh? We got petrol instead. :o)

We had plans to visit the Baha’i Gardens and spend a couple of hours in Acre, but Shabbat was coming up fast, the hour was getting late, and the host at our Tiberias location was calling asking for our ETA – a sign that he’d like us to get there before Shabbat started.  So we saw a bit of the gardens and then hit the road to Tiberias.

Two days in Tiberias. Time to explore Capernaum, dip my fingers into the Sea of Galilee, and visit the excavations of Magdala (think Mary Magdalena).

**Note** Lost this post, but now it’s found (amazing….grace)!  Late, but posting anyway.  Will work on more Israel/Italy posts now that the missing post has been located!

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